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Deluxe Calming Case

The Deluxe Pick 'N Peel Calming Case allows you to get everything you need and more, all in one carrying case. Each Deluxe Calming Case is designed to be taken with you on-the-go. 

Included in each Calming Case:

1 pre-filled and ready-to-pick Original Pick ‘N Peel Stone- one side for picking and one side for peeling

1 pre-filled and ready-to-pick Pick ‘N Peel Sensory Stone - one side for scab-like picking, then peeling and one side for just peeling

1 2.5oz bottle of Pick ‘N Peel Stones Latex-Based Filler in Tear-Away Teal Color - this bottle contains enough filler to fully refill your stone up to 4 times

1 heavy duty, double-sided Pick ‘N Peel Stones Picker - this tool is what you need to dig out all that amazingly stretchy filler

1 pair of Pick ‘N Peel Stones Pullers – tweezers really help you pull, grab, and twist out that hard-to-reach filler

1 Pick ‘N Peel Stones Spreader – This silicone, Pick ‘N Peel Stones Spreader will save you time when refilling your fidget stone

1 8” x 6” x 3” Metal Pick ‘N Peel Stones Carrying Case - an easy-to-carry box with a handle for all of your Pick ‘N Peel product

**Please be sure to wear eye protection as the filler can fly out while you are picking!

A $67.99 Value!